First Time In Bangkok Day 2

Day 2 

Grab to Rajamangala Stadium to redeem ticket. After looking around the stadium for a while, we take a Grab to Ramkamhaeng Station. Cross the road and went to Family Mart for snack which basically is our breakfast. 

There is a functioning train passing through the busy road every hour. Fascinating to me. Above there is LRT, under there are busy roads bursting with motorcycle, cars, taxi, lorry and also a railway track. The whole road will be stop for a few minute to make way when the trains pass. 

We take the LRT to Mo Chit station. here it’s like a centre station before people when to different direction. We are supposed to take another train to MBK Centre. Seeing too many people we decided to take a Grab as the cost almost the same. After waiting for sometimes and being cancelled a few time, we decided to just wait for LRT. 

The line is so long, we don’t even know where the line starts. After buying our token in machine, we ask the staff there which way to take our train. There is actually a train accident that causes the chaos at this station. People are not giving up and still buying ticket and lining up and wait until the accident is fixed. She then tells us if we want to refund our token to line up at another counter.

We already waste a lot of time here, so we decided to just wave down a tuktuk to MBK Centre. As soon as we arrived, we went straight to their food court. There is a few stall with halal menu. We opt to eat in a Yana halal restaurant not far from the food court. The food just ok, a little pricier but we are starving and we need rice.

There is also praying room in this mall. For men in level 2 and women is in level 3. Its spacious and there is wuduk area inside praying room. This mall does charter a lot of Arab tourist we think as there are Arabic words in signage. I send myself a postcard from here. You can buy postcard in a bookstore, buy stamp and send it out as there is a post office inside.

Just across MBK Centre is Siam Discovery, an upscale shopping mall. Very nice interior and cool us down from the scorching hot sun outside. There is a One Piece exhibition at that time. From there we walk to the other side to Siam Square to the LINE Village Store. Free entry

From there we take train back to Ramkamhaeng as we both already exhausted and my headache is killing me. From train station, we both take a bike ride each to The Patra. Different experience riding a bike, they go really fast zig zag their way in traffic. The rider got vest and helmet on but nothing for us, this is why travel insurance is important guys >< 

I actually didn’t plan to go back to hotel, just Adah. It’s closer to the stadium if I went straight from the train station. However, I don’t think I can make it out alive tonight if I didn’t take a break from this hot weather. Went back to change to new shirt (mine is already soaked with sweat), cool down my heart and take Activfast and rest for 30 minute. Age is catching up fast nowadays. 

6.30pm; I’m on another Grab bike to Rajamangala Stadium. As usual the bike fly by with massive traffic along the way but only able to drop me off across the street from the stadium gate. I struggle by myself for a good 8 minute before able to cross the road. From the gate to the entrance of the venue is another 15 minute walk. 

I power walk all the way to the venue and to find my gate. As I got nearer to my gate and cheers are heard all over making me run a little in hopes of reaching inside faster. There is suddenly a Caucasian girl running beside me. We chat a little while running before separated inside. And finally I’m inside…yeayyy 

Even by myself, it’s one of the best ever concert I attended. With fireworks, water sprays and fans having a good time, no regret. As the show ended I walk back to our hotel which takes about 30 minute walk. It’s impossible to get any taxi, bike or Grab to go back as the place pack with thousands of people and the traffic is not moving at all. 

Fortunately, there are many other who walk back like me. Just the last 5 minute I walk alone but it’s beside big street. Still I’m always cautious of people and surrounding. Adah call to check on me as I’m about to reach hotel… Exhausted but happy, I went to bed with a smile hehe. Mission Accomplished.

First Time In Bangkok Day 1

Let me start with 2019 is the year to fill up my passport page. 

Ok, hi everyone. Welcome to another episode of travel throwback. I have been to Thailand a few times before (2015, 2018) but never actually spend time in Bangkok. So, that is one reason I’m here with my travel buddy, Adah. 

Day 1

It’s not a long trip, just a weekend gateway I would say. As years go by, I have no ability to properly plan a trip. The only thing we book beforehand is Roamingman for internet and a hotel room. We actually discuss our itinerary in the boarding gate. I met my internet friend there (they are real people ><) and decide to follow them to DC World after touchdown. 

Arriving at Don Mueng International Airport, we went to straight to 2nd Terminal at Level 3. From the arrival gate, go right until you see an escalator upstairs. From there go another level up and follow direction to a Praying Room. It’s a spacious praying room with toilet and wuduk area inside, very convenient. Dare I say, more spacious and convenient than our praying area in Malaysia. Mind you Thailand population of Muslim is only 4.9% of the population

We arrived at DC World expecting a lot but were disappointed. Only reason to go there is to go to BTS Lego Café. The whole café is crowded with people watching and singing along loudly to every music video. Other vendor in the mall kinda annoyed with us fans I think.

The mall is not worth a visit, really just skip it. The café experience is not worth it. Other floor is not even lit up. We have a hard time waiting for Grab as the fare raise up due to high demand. We just wait at the back of the mall for a free shuttle van to Makkasan LRT. 

We have a hard time here trying to understand the map and which train to go. Lining up for a long time just to be told that we on the wrong station, nasib baik the man is good looking (quoting a friend). There are a few train there, make sure where you are going . We are going to Ramkamhaeng as the nearest station to our hotel.

From Makkasan to Ramkamhaeng is only 1 station. There is actually a small night market here. We walked around 15 minit before arriving at Sophia Halal Food. It situated in a quiet alley beside Hotel Meroz, the first halal hotel in Bangkok. This is one of the fanciest restaurant I ever went into as a backpacker. With our huge backpack and sweat soaked tshirt but confident face we ordered our first meal in Bangkok which is tomyam, fried somtam and colorful water (its sparkling water). We walk a little to find 7Eleven before deciding that it’s too late, we are tired and just get Grab to our hotel.

Short review about The Patra Hotel here. Good thing there is a lift here. After washing up we crash the night early as we got a pack schedule tomorrow.



Minggu lepas aku dan Adah backpack ke Manila, Filipina. Short vacay with a little struggle here and there which is expected as always. Delayed flight however, is not expected. We both never experienced a delayed flight before but alhamdulliah both buy insurance.

I been buying travel insurance after my Overland backpack trip, due to how long I'm travelling (not that long 14 days only) to few countries. This time, I just bought Tune Protect insurance as I'm buying Airasia flight ticket. Cost me around RM 35, just add-on with flight.

Expected flight time is 10pm but got delayed for almost 4 hours. On the way back home, I remember that I do buy travel insurance and delayed flight issue can claim. So this is how I claim my insurance.

Step To Claim Travel Insurance

Fill all mandatory fields

Put bank account and what benefits to claim.

Step 2: Upload supporting document

Upload all 4 supporting documents

Email from Airasia
I used Airasia email for Letters Conforming Delays. Others had used SMS received too. For other airlines or foreign country arrival, I think its better to get the letter before you flight out from the airport.

For Certificate of Insurance, if you already buy insurance but didn't receive the email, just go here and download your certificate.

Step 3: Check your claim status

Check Tune Protect claim status
Click Case Reference Number and it will take you to the page where you fill up details. Go here if you forget to put your supporting documents.

Also you can check the status of your claim whether its Approved, Processing or Declined.

Step 4: Wait for payment

When your claim is approved, you will received an email from Airasia. It takes around two weeks for the payment to be made to your bank account.

Breezy process as  Tune Protect is part of AirAsia.

Few lesson here:-

- Buy travel insurance, better safe than sorry.
- Read your insurance policy before deciding what insurance to buy
- Get required document as or before you touchdown
- If anything can be process online, do that first

- If your insurance agent can make the process faster, contact them first

Read more about Tune Protect here


Email yang diterima untuk transaksi bayaran claim insuran

Claim insurance berjaya dan bayaran telah diterima dalam masa 1 minggu saja. Alhamdulliah. Cubalah ya

p/s: I'm not an agent of any insurance company, just sharing my experience.

Till then, be safe & happy travelling!


Tempah Tour Dan Beli Tiket Admission Harga Murah di Klook

Klook adalah sebuah laman web yang menawarkan tiket masuk,tiket kereta api, aktiviti tour, simkad dan lain-lain keperluan traveler pada harga murah. Disebabkan trip Manila sudah berubah, aku decide untuk beli saja pakej tour di Klook.

Boleh beli pakej, tiket, passes dan simkad

Kelebihan tempah aktiviti atau tour di Klook

  • harga lebih murah dari beli direct provider
  • dapat credit point yang boleh diredeem
  • dapat tour company yang reliable pada tarikh yang kita nak
  • instant confirmation
  • bayaran terus atas talian, lebih selamat & dalam matawang MYR
  • boleh cancel tempahan (baca T&C berapa hari sebelum)
  • boleh buat tempahan dari mana saja

Kekurangan Klook

  • ada aktiviti yang tak boleh join in untuk 1 atau 2 orang, kena book untuk minimum pax
  • belum banyak aktiviti di daerah kecil
  • tiada chat support di apps, kena contact di FB untuk fast reply
  • tak boleh pilih pickup point, kena pergi ke point yang disuruh oleh provider
Ada banyak pilihan di banyak negara

Extra Tips

  • guna code U8J9V untuk dapat RM 15 bila signup di www,
  • guna Shopback—Klook—cari promo code—buat bayaran
  • cari voucher atau promo code untuk penjimatan lebih

Cara Guna Klook

  1. Daftar Klook disini
  2. Masukkan nama negara yang akan dilawati
  3. Pilih aktiviti yang disukai. Pastikan sudah baca syarat, itinerary dan review pelanggan lain.
  4. Add To Cart. Pilih package yang bersesuaian.
  5. Select date, time, quantity person.
  6. Proceed to check out.
  7. You’ll receive code to proceed with your payment & booking.
  8. A mobile voucher of your booking will be available in your apps. Show the mobile voucher of a printed confirmation at the location.
Contoh voucher diterima selepas buat bayaran

Senang je kan? Ini pula review pengalaman guna Klook untuk book bike tour.

Baca Review Guna Klook Di Manila, Filipina 

Review Klook Intramuros Bamboo Bike in Manila, Philippines

Inilah rupa basikal buluh tu
Menggunakan laman web Klook, aku mencari pakej aktiviti yang ada disekitar Manila. Setelah carian dibuat dan ditimbang tara kesesuaian, aktiviti berbasikal terpilih. Oh ya, untuk ketahui lebih lanjut tentang Klook boleh ke sini

Kami pilih tour Intramuros BamBike Tour. Memang seronok dan best sangat. Sehari sebelum itu kami tempah tour ini dan terus dapat pengesahan. Esoknya awal pagi kami dah sampai ke HQ Bamboo Bike di Instramuros.

Dia letak ni je signage depan. Ada basikal bersusun dibahagian hadapan.

Takde signboard besar Bamboo Bike, sebagai tanda arah kedai dia sebelah Casa Manila. Search je dalam map pasti ada. Tunjuk voucher dan sain document pengesahan sebelum bermula. Basikal yang bersesuaian dengan tinggi diberi dan boleh test dulu seround dua.

Russell, guide kami bertanya jika kami boleh berbasikal kerana katanya ada yang tidak tahu berbasikal tapi tempah juga bike tour…astaga. Dia juga offer sunblock kalau lupa nak pakai. Safety helmet tak diberi tapi kalau nak boleh mintak, dia akan provide.

Tepat 10.00 am tayar basikal bergolek keluar. Kami singgah di 8 lokasi iaitu Plaza San Luis, Japanese Cannon, Puerta Real Gardens, Puerta Del Parian, Aduana Building, Manila Cathderal and Plaza de Roma, Fort Santiago, St Agustin Church.

Berbasikal dalam beberapa minit kemudian berhenti disetiap lokasi. Russell menceritakan sejarah Manila, kisah penjajahan Filipina dan kesannya kepada penduduk Filipino, sejarah barter, bagaimana novel Rizal menjadi punca kebangkitan rakyatnya, asal nama Tagalog dll.

Bukan saja diberi masa untuk berjalan, mengambil gambar instagramable, menjawab soalan-soalan kami tentang sejarah dan politik negara malah Russell turut offer ambilkan gambar dengan cameranya. Siap hantar ke email gambar yang diambil tadi.

12.30 tengah hari kami sampai ke HQ semula & diberi teh sejuk percuma sambil menonton video tentang sejarah dan social enterprise yang wujud semasa pembuatan basikal buluh. Secara tidak langsung dapat meningkatkan kehidupan dan ekonomi penduduk luar bandar disini.

Sepanjang 2 jam 30 minit, kami tidak kepenatan sangat walaupun matahari terik atas kepala. Untuk yang mahu mengikuti aktiviti ini eloklah memakai pakaian bersesuaian, bawa cermin mata hitam dan topi juga pakai sunblock lebih sikit supaya tidak sunburn.

Walaupun tempat yang kami pergi ini dekat-dekat saja walking distance, kami happy bayar RM 80 untuk info dan crash course sejarah Filiphina yang menarik didengar dan dilihat. RM 80 tu termasuk bike, entrance ke Fort Santiago, dan guide. Its worth it!

Jika kurang bajet atau masa boleh pilih pakej express atau pakej sunset. Ada juga pakej lain disini seperti
Alangkah menariknya jika di kota bersejarah Melaka yag mendapat pengiktirafan UNESCO juga ada menyediakan aktiviti seperti ini. Barulah tidak bosan melihat batu bata dan meriam tanpa kenal dan faham sejarah disebaliknya.

Oklah, sebagai hadiah sebab baca sampai habis, gunakan code U8J9V  dan korang akan dapat RM 15 bila signup. Terus boleh guna untuk beli anything dalam Klook. Untuk cara daftar dan guna Klook pula boleh tengok disini Cara Buat Tempahan di Klook

Sekian, adios!
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