Thursday, 25 June 2015

[Throwback] 13 Random Things I Miss About Korea

Gambar takde kaitan dengan post. Just because aku lapar.
1. Unexpected discovery of new places like the underground market in Myeongdong selling Kpop merchandise, also the steaming hot egg bread. And of course, Naksan Fortress a relaxing and romantic stroll with Seoul night view.

2. The breeze at the observation area while looking down at Gamcheon Village.

3. The almost 10 minutes conversation in Korea, English and even Malay with "Molla Ahjussi".
Somehow, we understand each other.

4.The random Korean guys in Busan trying to use Malay to talk to us.

5.That good looking guy throwing rubbish away who helps us find our way to SM.

6. The impressed haelmoni selling bag near subway exit when Adah speak in Korean to bargain.

7. When you buy strawberry and you even got the container for free.

8. The curious look from a few ahjussi when we expertly know how to handle our super small siput sedut.

9. When I shop in Daiso Korea.

10. When every time we when into a convenient store, we gonna buy a different flavor of banana uyu each time.

11.When Haq try her best to save my almost destroyed backpack strap by using a few brooch tudung.

12. When Adah face turn red when she found Luhan face on a file.

13. When Adila managed to use "Ppang" and "Kabang" as her only Korean word.


  1. Serius? Aku lupa that moment..yang aku ingat berjalan di Apujeong sungguh mengujakan dengan wangian dan orang yang urban kat sana..hehe

    1. Apguejong memang mengujakan...sikit je lagi xjadik waitress kat sana..haha


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