Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Why travel ? (5)


The experience of being in a new place.
The last call rush for your flights .
The panic when you are about to miss the train.
The fear you felt, when suddenly you realized you are lost, all by your self.
The frustration of not being able to communicate in native language to ask for directions.
The worry of not having enough money.
The fascination when you see something new.
The confusing subway map.
The taste of a native food on your tongue,
The smiles of strangers.
The inquire about your scarf.
The sudden compliment by an auntie passing by.
The willingness of an uncle to take a picture with you.
The long 5-minute conversation of you with the inn owner, 
him in his language, 
you with your own language, 
but somehow you both understand each other.
The sudden preach about religion on your whole taxi ride.
The mysterious young man that keep appearing in your photo.

And a whole lot more.
All these happen when you take yourself out of your comfort zone.

So, where is your comfort zone? 
It's where you are sitting right now.

Do you know what happen when you get out of your comfort zone?
You grow.

Want to experience these too?
Book your flight ticket, and travel the world.


  1. The Ahjumma who you feel like whacking in the head for being a $%^&*
    The fellow foreigner who gave you serunding daging Adabi *gasp*
    The street sweeper who you think is an idol in disguise



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